Tuesday, April 5, 2011

vampire dreams

So, I've never really gotten into the whole vampire thing... but last night, I had a dream that my "boyfriend" became a vampire. It was my responsibility to make sure that I kept him fed (on food, not people) and that I constantly kissed him (does that make me promiscuous?), to ensure that he would not attack/bite me-- or any others for that matter. We also rode around town on his motorcycle. Fun weird times.

 that's me & my bf in the middle if you couldn't tell :-p

Where this dream was spurred from, I don't know... but I am still a little intrigued and wouldn't mind falling back into it tonight, be that it wasn't scary!

Not sure if it was the dream that left me with a peanut butter craving, but when I woke up... I knew exactly what I was having for lunch. After my first experience with combining peanut butter and bananas, my Aunt Amy told me about how Elvis used to make grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches using and entire stick of butter. Now, I do love butter, but a whole stick really does not sound appetizing. But, I had to make this treat.

 oh, priscilla, you lucky lady, you!

I used:
2 slices of Nature's Own whole wheat bread
about a tblsp. of pasture butter
Peter Pan peanut butter
a little over 1/2 a banana

Make a grilled cheese-- minus the cheese and plus the PB and bananas. Holy heavens... this thing was absolutely amazeballs. It was so delish I could die. Really.

just your ordinary gc, right?

  psh, yeah right

If you don't spend 5 minutes of your life and make this sandwich, you will live in regret for all of your eternal life. No joke!

Do you have any must try treats?

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