Tuesday, April 19, 2011

smiling icecream

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hopefully your day is turning out to be a great one. Mine is, since today is my last event planning class! I am a little bittersweet about it, since I absolutely love learning, BUT this also means that I am (hopefully) in the running for a big girl job sometime soon! Eeek! Anybody need a wedding/event planner?? ;-P

My weekend was spent 100% lazy boned. I was a little disappointed, because I have been noticing myself being extremely restless lately. I have this constant need to be doing something, and with the weather being so beautiful lately, the urge is intensifying. I guess I've only got myself to blame for that one! I did manage to get some lounging sun time in though.

bugsy getting some sun with his mama

This week will be a bit busy for my brain, being that it will be constantly thinking of menu ideas for my family's Easter gathering this Sunday. I am super excited to spend some time with the people I love, and to munch down on some yummy food! My mother and I will be taking over the kitchen to make enough food for everyone, and I've finally decided on two kinds of cupcakes to make-- I can't wait to share everything with you guys!

Creepy Alert:

Last night, I was preparing my lunch for the following day, just as usual. As I was adding a few baby monster carrots to my salad, I noticed something a little odd. 

that's no baby carrot if i've ever seen one!

I laughed about it, and went on my way. Before I knew it, I noticed my mom struggling with the ice cream lid. With me having such huge muscles that I do, (heh, heh) I immediately wanted to help her get that sucker open. And sure enough, as soon I as I removed the lid, another something appeared a little odd.

happy ice cream

If that doesn't scream "EAT ME!", I don't know what else does! My mother and I laughed for a solid minute about this one. How cute is that little face?? We had a lot of trouble deciding whether or not to scoop into this bucket. But, I assured myself that I got a good picture of it, and that ice cream was meant for eating, and he'd be sad if we left him in the freezer to shiver. Right?? Riiight...

I'm definitely thinking of submitting this picture to Blue Bell! Great advertisement for them! You're welcome Blue Bell... now where's my cut?

Now I'm off to inspect the rest of my food. Later Gators!

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