Tuesday, April 12, 2011

make my day

I'm just gonna get down to it.

Yesterday. Just. Plain. Stunk.

It was just one of those days. I am pretty sure this was an all around the world crap-tastic day-- because Raymond, too, had a doo-doo day.

Nothing in particular made this day awful, just a series of annoyances combined with a big stressful to-do list. Needless to say, the list got accomplished, and everything calmed down.

PLUS, I got this in the mail.. (!!!!!!!!!!)

 arizona ranch sauce

All the way from Wisconsin, one of my dear friends Janna sent me a bottle of this stuff. I first tried this yummy sauce last summer at a BBQ, when Janna still lived here in Texas. She had recently gone home (Wisconsin), and brought some of this back. Unfortunately, she moved back, and took the sauce with her. :-( (I am more sad about her leaving, not the sauce.) 

 kelly, me, and janna summer 2010

I am one of those people that get super giddy and excited when I get mail (excluding bills)-- and seeing that this package be from Wisc., you can just imagine the joy I felt! I sure can't wait to smother some chicken wings with this stuff! Stay tuned for that post in the near future!

Today has been quite a bit better-- class even got canceled for this evening! I am little bittersweet about it, because I enjoy what I'm going to school for, but this just means that I get a night off and I've already planned myself a hot date with the gym. I can't wait!

See you guys manana!

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