Monday, April 4, 2011

make me over

Good afternoon everyone! Hopefully your Monday has started off just as great as mine!

First things first-- you may notice the design of my blog has changed. I loved all of the colors I had before, but I just began feeling like there was too much going on, making it difficult to read. So, you may notice a few more changes happening until I get it just right! (Thanks for baring with me!)

I first woke up around 6:15 this morning to the sound of Raymond's alarm, and thunder. I absolutely love thunderstorms while I am sleeping. They give me such a comfortable feeling, and it's always a plus that the sun is not blasting through the seems of my curtains. Needless to say, I was back asleep in no time!

7:45am rolled around and I hopped out of bed and into the shower to begin my day. I walked outside to a dreary, over-cast, warm morning-- and I didn't mind one bit! Everyone likes a rainy day every now and then, right?! As the traffic was slowing down towards my exit, I noticed it was getting rather dark, rather quickly. I peeked out my window to check if I was under a bridge, but I had already passed it. By the time I turned back around, this is what I saw:

yep, that's right. a could of death.

The wind had highly picked up, and although no rain was falling, I felt a storm-a-brewin'! Luckily I was only 2 minutes from my destination, and was able to get inside quickly. (In my 30 minute drive, the temperature dropped 20 degrees!)

After my arrival, I had to make sure I got some lovin' in on these little toots:

milo's "gimme that cell phone" face

"leave me alone, i'm playing!"

Now the boys are napping, and I'm taking complete advantage of it, and kicking my feet up! I plan on doing a little personal internet browsing and bill paying in my time of peace. (It's a lot more difficult than you can imagine when the twins are up!) Off I go! TTYS!

PS: The sun finally came out & it is a b-e-a-utiful day!


  1. Sam, you could darken your font and it would be help to us old folks. XOXOXO

  2. This should be MUCH better!! xo

  3. Peepaw's right. Studies show the easiest thing to read is plain ol' black text on white (although it is boring compared to what you have going on).

    I like your attitude, by the way. And those are some cute stinkin' kids, too.