Wednesday, April 6, 2011

asian persuasion

你好讀者! (that's "hello, readers!") in Chinese! Yes, I totally copied and pasted from a language translator.

After 'snoozing' for a solid 20 minutes this morning, I was up and at 'em & headed to work.

Let me give you guys a very rough draft of what my work weeks look like:

Monday: 30 min commute
               Nanny 9am-5pm
               45min-hr. commute
               Homework 6pm- 11pm (yep, just for one assignment. my prof. loves us)
Tuesday: 30 min commute
               Nanny 9am-5pm
               School 5:30pm-9:30pm
               30-45 min commute (yes, at 9:30pm!)
Wednesday: 30 min commute
                    Nanny 9am-4pm/11pm (ever other week I stay late)
                    30 min commute
Thursday: 30 min commute
                Nanny 9am-3:30pm
                30-45 min commute
                Quick change of clothes
                25 min commute
                Waitress 5pm-roughly midnight
                25 min commute
Friday: 30 min commute
            Nanny 9am-3pm
            30-45 min commute
            Quick change of clothes
            25 min commute
            Waitress 4:30pm-roughly 1am

Now, none of this includes shower, eating, or let alone sleeping. As you can tell, much of my day is spent sitting in traffic-- and no, I do not enjoy it one bit. By the time the weekend comes, I am so ready to do absolutely nothing! My weekend goals usually consist of driving as little as possible, and eating/sleeping/not moving as much as I can. (With the exception of a workout or some fun activity.)

The point of me telling this to you guys is not to complain, but to help myself not feel so darn guilty about not working out as much as I would like to. I know, if I want results, I cannot make excuses and I must make it a  point to find the time to fit a workout in. So, I've made a goal for myself: 5am workouts Monday-Wednesday/Thursday. As to when these workouts will start, is still unknown... but I will definitely keep you guys in the loop!

_ _ _ _ _

Daily dose of baby lovin':

 cuddles with sam sam

 upside down milo

thank goodness for paper bags

Something must be in the air, because minus these cutie moments I captured, my day has pretty much consisted of cry, scream, cry, scream, cry, cry, and cry. (Milo is crying in his crib as we speak). As much as I love them, constant crying will give anybody a headache. Needless to say, it's been a rough day here in Baby Ville.
_ _ _ _ _

By the time lunch rolled around, I had a major craving for Asian cuisine. I immediately took to Google and found a recipe for quick and easy lo mien noodles. Some of it sounded a bit odd to me, so using what I could find, I whipped up a brown rice teriyaki bowl:

Microwave pre-portioned brown rice
Grilled chicken
Frozen peas, carrots, & lima beans

For the sauce I used:
Peanut oil
Teriyaki sauce
Pinch of Chinese 5 spice
Pinch of ground ginger
(This all totaled to about a table spoon of sauce)

I cooked everything in the micro, mixed it all together and got a delicious final result!

 more lima beans, please!

i ate about 1/3 of this bowl. yummy leftovers!

I'm not staying late with the boys tonight, so I've got an entire evening to do as I please! I am thinking about a gym session and making homemade lasagna for Raymond!

Off to look up recipes and tend to monster babies. Wish me luck! :-p

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  1. Take time to stop and smell the roses, it'll make all the difference!