Thursday, March 24, 2011

i got love for my peeps

In order for me to fully share my life with you, I figured it would help if you know who's who in my life, and what they look like! Here are my peeps:

Yours Truly

 My Raymond
the love of my life and boyfriend of 3+ years

Milo & Finn
twin cousins of mine that I watch every day & would die today for them if needed

 The Rents
the two up-most important people in my life & would be a lost soul without them

 my bubba Lucas
when I meet mutual friends of his this is what I hear:
"OH MY GOD! Lucas is your brother?!?! I LOVE HIM!"
that should sum it up for you

 Grandparents- "Pepa & Mema"
my mom's parents, you will never feel more accepted and loved than you will around them

 Aunt Amy & Uncle Gary
parents of the booger-eaters I take care of, characters to say the least

 Aunt Chris, Uncle Chad, & cousins Allison, Ryan, & Austin
Amazing-- & I'd take 20 years off each of them to describe their personalities!

e are the people in my day-to-day life, and who I will be referring to the most. LOVE THEM!

PS- Aren't they all just beautiful!? (Okay, I'll quit bragging)

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