Wednesday, May 4, 2011

who invited you?

Happy Hump Day! (Wednesday... people, Wednesday) I surely do hope your day is going much better than mine! To be honest, my day has actually been pretty good other than one minor huge annoyance.

CAUTION: Men, if you are reading, you just might want to stop, or turn away. This may get a little uncomfortable for ya.

So, ya know that little bitch named Mother Nature that likes to pay us ladies a visit once a month? Well, she dropped by my place today. I guess she's mad at me too, 'cause she came in full force and is being one persistent ho. "Hey Mother Nature! Nobody invited you! Why don't you go back to where you came from!"

Here's a picture of me I took this morning just to help you all understand:

PS- when I googled this picture I typed in "girl with craps" instead of "craMps", and well... I'm sure you can imagine how that search turned out. Oops!

But really, this was me this morning:

but I don't WANNA get out of bed!

Finally after rolling myself out of bed, I packed up my lunch and headed out the door. While I was packing this morning, this baby kept eye-ballin' me. How RUDE!

you eye-ballin' me boy??

DAMN YOU cake! Ugh, of course though... I threw it in the lunchbox and it tagged along with me. I may or may not have eaten some of it for breakfast. I did make sure to eat a bowl of Special K, first. Yeah... real nutritious Sam. Usually, after I down some type of sweet, I feel insanely guilty. Not today... I ate that cake like I was on a mission and definitely plan on going back for seconds. Or thirds. Don't judge.

Luckily, for those around me, I don't typically have "bitch-mode" during this time. It also helps that I popped a few of these bad boys. (It's just ibuprofen, don't worry!)

i love you, drugs <3

And with the weather so fantastic lately, my day is pretty close to impossible to ruin. You'd really have to brainstorm to make me mad!

clear blue skies and green grass 

crisp clean air

 As for the rest of the day, my plans (other than cake eating) involve some major bedroom cleaning.

I have become a lazy piece lately, and can't seem to remember how to put away my clothes. Can anyone say slob? It's just such an annoying task!! Who knows, it may or may not get done. Like I said, the weather is just beautiful... and an outdoor workout sounds right up my cake-shoveling, cheese-eating, bloated alley.

I've also got a (sounds like) delicious recipe that I am dying to attempt, and must do so before my ingredients keel over. See you guys on the flip side!

- - - - - - - - -

What cravings does Mother Nature bring to you?

How far does someone have to go to ruin your day?


  1. Girls with craps hahahah. Interesting stuff! Hope it get better.


  2. Hehe.. yes. It was definitely NOT the search I was looking for! THX!

  3. Soooo Fuunnny! This Guy loves YOU!