Thursday, May 5, 2011

cinco de drinko

Feliz Cinco de Mayo hombres! There's my spanish for ya. Hope it's satisfying enough. Isn't it a shame that my boyfriend is hispanic and can speak fluently, yet I can't speak a damn 5 words? Sad. One of my major goals (stay tuned for that post) in life is to learn Spanish. I plan on having children with this man and there is no way in hell that they're gonna be telling secrets behind mommy's back!

So, I'm going to go ahead and let you all know that I did not do any celebrating. Unfortunately, the holiday fell on a Thursday; one of my 14+ hour work days. My hands were a little bit tied, to say the least. I did dream about baking margarita cupcakes, rolling around in queso, and downing a sixer of DosXX. A girl can dream, right??

Because I am such a hard worker ;-P, I did make sure to treat myself to one of these babies:

It was every bit of fantastic as it looks, too. I paired the lager with a few fried pickles and buffalo wings. Not such a healthy choice... but that's what happens when you work at a wing bar and were born a girl.

In yesterday's post I mentioned that I had to get up early for a 6am gym session. Welp, folks, that flat out didn't happen. I went to bed at 11pm, and was up every 2 hours after that, for reasons unkown. By the time 6 rolled around, I wasn't moving a damn finger. I usually get super mad when I plan to get up early and workout, but I really tried to not be so hard on myself this time. I'll make up for it tomorrow, right? Hehe... I'll be sure to fill ya in tomorrow!

Questions of the evening:

Did you do anything to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

How to you handle missing scheduled workouts?

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