Wednesday, May 18, 2011

day three

Hello! Happy hump day ladies and (maybe) gentlemen! I think the only men that read my blog is my grandpa and from time-to-time, Raymond.

Let's get right down to the nitty gritty. I woke up this morning at 6:15am and hauled my tush to the gym. My workout looked a little something like this:

Warm Up:

10 min. on bike
Arm stretches

Upper Body:

3 sets of resistance bicep curls @ 50lb., 60lb., 70lb.
3 sets of resistance tricep push @ 50lb., 60lb., 70lb.
3 sets of row @ 60lb., 75lb., 75lb.
3 sets of bicep curls w/ dumbells @ 17.5lb., 20lb., 22.5lb.
2 sets of tricep curls w/ dumbells @ 15lb.
2 sets of tricep dips on bench w/ own body weight
3 sets of shoulder pull downs @ 70lb., 80lb., 80lb.
3 sets of toe touches w/ 35 lb. bar
3 sets of shoulder shrugs w/ 35lb. bar
3 sets of over head lifts w/ 35lb. bar


2 sets of 25 standard crunches
2 sets of 15 standing obleques w/ 25lb. weight
1 min. plank


10 min. run/incline walk on treadmill (for the life of me, I cannot remember my speeds or incline... whoops!)

After a shower, and a bottle of water... my tummy was grumblin' like crazy! I had been up since 6:15 and wasn't planning to eat solid food until noon. Not. Cool. At. All.

Could it be? I actually was craving my green juice? What is going on here?!?! This, to me, was absolutely insane. In the Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr, she says that eventually, your tastebuds get used to the flavor of green juice and your body actually starts to crave the healthy foods you're putting into it. While I was a little skeptical of that, I somewhat thought that there was a chance it could happen. But there was no way I would've thought it would happen so soon. All I could think about was getting my lips on a glass of that green stuff! Instead of chugging it down, I sipped on it for a good 45 minutes. No joke, I enjoyed every bit of it.

I think it's getting serious. Time to make it facebook official, I guess!

For lunch I had another gigantic salad complete with romaine, baby spinach, broccoli, cucumbers, and strawberries drizzled with honey mustard. Along with my salad, I had a black bean taco on a spelt tortilla, topped with daiya cheese, avocado, and baby spinach. Let me tell you something. This was, by far, not only the best thing I have eaten in my 3 days of the cleanse, but one of the best things I have ever eaten in general. I am a sucker for anything with black beans. And what's even more awesome, is that I didn't miss the real cheese or sour cream at all!

My sweet tooth kicked in after lunch and I munched on 2 of these little babies.

Yeah, they were every bit as fantastic as they look. And don't worry, the recipe will come shortly! Can you guess what they are?

While I was preparing dinner, I munched on a few cucumber sticks with red pepper hummus. For the real deal meal I had another salad of the usual veggies and a few apple chunks, topped with ranch dressing. I'm not sure how much more of the "ranch" I can handle.. there is just something off about it. For now, I'll stick to my honey mustard. It's always got muh back, anyway. I also had brown rice and wakame noodles topped with the left over sausage from last night's dinner, satued veggies, and marinara. This meal was just so-so, but it filled me up, which is all that matters, right? Meh.

I might finish off the apple that was used in my salad, but as of now I'm not feeling hungry.

I'm thinking about hitting the gym again tomorrow morning, but I can already feel my back muscels getting sore, and Thursday and Friday are my 16 hour work days... so I might skip it. We will see how I feel at 6:15am! And that's not saying much... Lol!

I hope you all have a good night and if you're starting to get bored with the daily cleanse posts, don't worry, I've got about 4 tastey recipes coming your way VERY soon. So stay tuned and look out for those!

I'm off to watch trashy TV and hit the sack. Goodnight all, see ya later!


  1. Just found your blog through twitter and noticed you are doing a cleanse as well! Looking forward to reading more:)

  2. oh yay today was awesome! i love ur workout!