Thursday, March 31, 2011

pure torture

Good morning all! And a good morning it is. As I sit here typing this post, listening to Milo jibber-jab his way to sleep (hopefully), I am staring out the window at a beautiful view. Yes, the view is just of a backyard... but this is what it looks like:

bright & sunny with a light breeze

It's more than just a view. It's a feeling. A feeling of excitement. I always notice this feeling occurring around this time of year. Knowing that summer is just around the corner makes my insides all happy! What is more fun than outdoor gatherings with friends? Finally being able to bare the weather, shorts & tank tops, BBQs, pool days, lake days, sun, sun, & did I mention sun?

Last summer, Raymond & I planned an entire camping trip to the Guadalupe river. I'm talking skipping out on work Friday, 2 nights/3 days, 3 huge campsites, all new camping "gear", 2 Rubbermaid tubs of food, 3+ coolers of meat for grilling & beer for drinking, & about 20 people saying they're on the way. NOT. We had all those things, minus the people. Only 4 came to camp. Luckily, the next day a few people showed up to float with us, but then they headed straight home. Kinda crappy. BUT, being as awesome as we are (heh heh), the 4 of us made the best of it and had a blast! Needless to say, we had leftover meat in our freezer up until last weekend when I finally decided to throw it away.

 first night of trip, after a few too many games of BP

me & my honey after our arrival

As for this year, I will not be doing any planning (funny coming from somebody that wants to plan for a living, huh?). I will be sitting back, kicking my feet up, & watching the mayhem go down. Kidding, but I will be along for the ride & from what I hear, we've already got a camping trip at the State Park on Lake Austin in the works. Super excited! (I will definitely let you guys know how that goes.)

All this talk of sun, & in a few months I will be crying about how hot it is & how badly I can't wait for fall. Meh. Texas will be Texas & I will be... me.

Time to feed the monsters lunch & get ready for my doc's appointment!

PS: Milo never fell asleep. Uh oh!

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