Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i will never be the same

Just a rainy Tuesday morning. Or so I thought.

I had set my alarm for about 30 minutes earlier than usual this morning, knowing that I had to make a detour to Raymond's apartment on my way to work. Alarm goes off, and I peel myself out of my amazing bed and stumble into the restroom where I start the shower. 

After the water is warm enough, I slightly pull back the curtain and slip my first foot into the tub. Thank the heavens up above that I looked down, because when I did, I saw the most God-awful, disgusting, creepy, slithering creature I have ever seen. A 3+ inch, red & black centipede. YES, you read correctly. A centipede. SO SICK. (I was going to post a picture, but I cannot even bare to Google an image of this thing. You are more than welcome to check it out for yourself, but don't say I didn't warn you.) I have never seen one of these monsters in person, and I will be just fine without seeing another for the rest of my entire life. 

After panicking for a solid 3 minutes, I put on my big girl britches (a towel) and grabbed a tennis shoe from my closet. Standing about as far away from the tub as possible, I pointed the shower head on the creepy-crawler, so that it couldn't climb anywhere while I decided how I'd go about this. I reached (still standing as far away as possible) into the tub with shoe in hand, and smacked it. DEAD! Victory is mine! Oh wait, no it's not. Now it's just twitching and freaking out. I had to whack the thing about 4 more times before it fully stopped moving. 

I grabbed a broom and dustpan, not even wanting to imagine myself sweeping it up. 3 feet was already too close for me. I dropped the dustpan into the shower and while holding the tiniest tip of the broom, brushed the centipede into the pan. I sucked up my fear and quickly walked out of the bathroom. My first notion was to toss it outside, but, all I could think of was the nearest spot to dump this thing (and I was not appropriately dressed), so the kitchen trash is where this beast was laid to rest.

I returned to the restroom, and after checking the entire shower for more insects, I found enough courage to get in. For the rest of the morning, and to this point, I find myself flinching, thinking I have a centipede crawling on my body.

Needless to say, the extra time I allotted myself this morning was taken up by an unplanned freak-out (and Austin drivers incapable of driving in the rain), I didn't make it to Raymond's house. Oh well! I'm alive and not being eaten by centipedes, so I am thankful! (Exaggeration at its finest)

Yes, I am a murderer, and under this circumstance, I am A-OK with it!

Let's hope the rest of this day doesn't have any more shocking moments!

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