Saturday, March 26, 2011

woke up with a craving

So as I'm thinking of what to write today, one thing comes to mind-- mudbugs. Oh, yes! My most favorite, amazing, delish, tasty, awesome, perfect (ok, you get the point) treat! I could eat crawfish/shrimp/crab every single day. Yes, it's that serious. Raymond and I have been known to put down 7+ pounds of these babies when they're in season, which means they are much larger than what you're imagining.

If any of you are seafood lovers, I am going to let you in on a not-so-known hole in the wall we love to eat at. Crawfish Shack. I would totally post a link, but they don't have a website or facebook page (redonkulous). Located on Wells Branch, this place is tucked away in a tiny corner-of-a-corner of a strip center. 

Raymond took me there when we first started dating, and we quickly became regulars. I'm talking, we were there once a week. Unfortunately we had to back off a little bit, as we noticed our bank accounts weren't as bountiful as they once were. Although, this is the one place that I will justify spending $50 on a meal for two. It is THAT good. 

The place is owned and ran by an amazingly friendly Phillipeno family. They're always there, and always provide us with great service and most importantly fantastic food! From the cajun fries to the crab legs(my fave!), every single bite is perfect.

Luckily for Raymond and me, it's only about a 3 minute drive-- meaning we can hop in the truck and satisfy our craving in no time! And let me tell ya, these cravings come often, and unexpectedly(ok, they're pretty expected). Uh oh... my mouth is starting to water...

the real deal from the Crawfish Shack
i took this sometime in 2010

Raymond and I have been talking for a couple years now about having our own crawfish broil. We probably would have already done it, if we had a place to do it. As soon as one of us (or the both of us.. hehe) gets a place with a back yard, it's on. And you're all invited! I'll keep ya posted!

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  1. I'm inviting myself to this crawfish broil!! Soo absolutely delicious.