Monday, March 28, 2011


Good Monday to you guys! I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend, I sure know I did.

I kicked off the weekend by doing something I don't do much of, sleeping in on Saturday until 11:30am (I didn't get off work until 1:30am Friday night). Saturday was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and after being in hibernation mode for a few months, I was ready to finally get some sun on my pale skin. After going through my drawer of swim suits (many of which I have had since the age of 14-- not sure if that is a good, or bad thing!), my sweetness of a boyfriend picked me up, & we headed out to the pool for some water volleyball. Of course though, by the time we had stopped to get gas, snacks, and adult-beverages, the clouds had moved in and the sprinkling began. No way Jose was I getting in that water with no sun. It's still March, and that water is still FUH-reezing! I found myself a nice lounge chair to kick back on, and made myself comfortable, waiting and praying the sun would return. Fortunately, the "men" were actually acting like men for once, and jumped into the frigid, where they played for my(their own) entertainment. Thankfully, the sun did come back, and I got about 30 minutes of quality sun-bathing time-- no, I still didn't get an ounce of color. Wah!

 there is my honey, creaming the other team
yes-- i am biased 

We decided that we wanted to have people over that night, so after the pool, Raymond & I headed to the grocery store to pick up a few necessities. The one "indulgence" I could have done without, was the cleaning of Raymond's filth of an apartment. Yes, I am exaggerating a little, but not much. If the apartment get's cleaned, it's because I do it. He is lucky I love him so much! :-P About 2 hours later, it was complete, neat, and smelling fabuloso, literally (fabuloso is a toilet bowl cleaner). Finally, the fun could begin!

Picture this-- BBQ chicken, pork chops, & hot dogs on the grill, an entire fridge & cooler full of beer, UFC fights on TV, drums & guitars being beat and strummed, 7 guys, & myself. GREAT time... NOT! Lol! Don't worry, I do have girl friends (not nearly enough), but none could make it. I've come to the conclusion that Raymond's friends need girlfriends! I'm on it...

All jokes aside, me being the "dude" that I am, hanging with 7 guys is not an issue. I had a great time, and ate WAY too much. Oops!

After sleeping in again on Sunday, we woke up starving, with a craving for Crawfish! We decided to save the mudbugs for later, and picked up a couple movies and some tacos from our favorite Taqueria down the street. We plugged in movie #1- Jackass 3. After watching about 30 minutes of it, it got to a point (which I will NOT share with you) to where we had to turn it off. Thank goodness we got 2 movies! We immediately switched to movie #2- Faster, staring The Rock. While Raymond snored in my ear, I watched the entire thing, wondering when it was going to get good. Clearly, I would not recommend either.

After another hour of TV watching & cuddling, (hehe) I finally forced Raymond off the couch and into the shower, so we could get some dinner. To the Shack!! We got there just in time. After we sat down, the entire place filled up and people were standing by the door, waiting for tables to clear. Another bonus-- crawfish season is just beginning-- and the majority of ours were very large. I don't know if it was the craving or not, but Raymond and I both agreed that the crawfish was some of the best we had ever had. After 4 pounds (we easily could have put down a few more), we picked up a few Oreo McFurries from McD's, 2 scratch-offs, & planted ourselves on the couch for about an hour before we called it a night.

Needless to say, I did not want the weekend to come to an end, but all good things must. PLUS, I had this to look forward to this weekend:

kisses for my milo
finny & me doing a little dancing

What a wonderful weekend, & start to a wonderful week! 

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